Welcoming the Fall Season

by Ammu Cherian


Summer went by so quickly. And although my mind is still stuck in June, it’s already September. The air is getting crisper, PSL is back, the heavenly aroma of baked cookies and pies, the leaves are slowly changing into stunning shades of deep reds, oranges and yellows. It’s time to switch out the summer clothing and bring out the fall and winter jackets from storage.

Living in Wisconsin, this season is absolutely gorgeous! While spring is the season for a restart with new life, I feel autumn is a beautiful moment to slow down and relax, especially after all the bustle of summer. To get cozy in our homes, and take a little break before the holiday season takes over.

Here are some quick and simple steps to style your home and mark the seasons changing:




Candles are such an easy and simple method to set our homes for fall. The scents of cinnamon, pumpkin spice, ginger and vanilla can cue our body to relax and get comfy at home. Stock up on candles this season and light them up in the evenings after work, or after the kids get into bed. A scent wafting through your home can be such a sensory experience and a great way to fully experience the change in seasons.


Throw Pillows & Blankets

Switch up your throw pillows and add in some wonderful cozy knit blankets. Bring out the plaids, ginghams or throw pillows in rusty coppers, heather grays, golden yellows, and deep blues and greens are the colors you want to add into your home. Get cozy under your blankets and sit in front of the fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace, no worries! Turn on Netflix and search ‘Fireplace’.


Chunky vibrant mugs for your apple cider, hot chocolate & PSL

Set your morning routine for the win with cute, chunky mugs for your coffee. There is something very satisfying about wrapping your palms around a big chunky mug of hot chocolate or PSL. This would make for a great Instagram selfie too, ha!


Switch up the nature elements

Switch up the summer florals to more autumn/ fall elements at home. Place some driftwood on your mantelpiece, fill your amber glass centerpieces with acorns, fall foliage and berries. And don’t forget the pumpkins! Place pumpkins of various sizes and colors to decorate your kitchen countertop, the centerpiece on your dining table, entryway or in front of your main door. You can choose white or plaid pumpkins if orange feels too much for you. Replace the summer plants on your porch to some fall favorites such as mums or marigolds. For the final touch, hang a cute wreath on your front door.

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