4 Ways to Organize Your Workspace

With the fall approaching, school will be back in session and most people will be home from vacation and back to work. Whether you are starting grad school or working from home, here are some ways to keep your workspace clean, organized and prime for productivity! 

Install floating shelves 

Keeping your desk clear of clutter is quite vital to feeling organized. If you don’t have a desk with cabinets or any closets, try installing floating shelves on the wall. This is a great way to have storage while keeping your desk uncluttered.

Corral office supplies

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your desk completely clear, as you might want to keep certain supplies close at hand. If you must, group them in one place in clear acrylic containers to keep them contained. 

Hang a bulletin board above your desk

Bulletin boards are a great way to have a forward facing view of everything. You can pin a calendar, to-do lists, or any kind of important information that you’ll look at directly


Decorate and personalize your space 

Make your space somewhere you want to be and spend time at! Make it cozy with some of our very own Scrumptious Wicks candles, flowers or photos! 

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