Bubbsi x Scrumptious Wicks

Forget the boring flowers this Mother's Day! We've teamed up with the super-mom-powered skincare brand, Bubbsi, to bring you something the whole family will love!

Bubbsi makes yummy coconut oil skincare for little ones, but their magic works for grown-ups too (shhh!). We adore their clean ingredients and those squeezy-cute refillable bottles!

Together, we've whipped up a limited-edition "Hey Sunshine" candle that smells like coconuts and vanilla sunshine. Imagine that dreamy scent, but now you can enjoy it outside the bath too! Pair it with their Whipped Coconut Oil Body Cream for a scent-sational gift that'll make Mom do a happy dance. Trust us, this collab is the sweetest thing since sliced…well, coconut!