Valentine's Day Decor

Valentine’s Day Decor

It's almost Valentine's Day! In honor of this festive love-themed month, we wanted to share some of our favorite decoration ideas to spruce up your home. 

But, first, don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s Day-themed Blooming Rose Candle! The ultimate floral experience awaits you with this fresh rose fragrance layered with hints of herbal tea. A beautiful scent that you can enjoy year-round; not to forget, it's the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your partner or date. Light up this candle and have a candlelit dinner or do some self care with a hot bath. Click here to check it out!

Heart Branch Centerpieces

What better Valentine’s Day decoration than something with lots of hearts. If you have some extra vases, mugs, or pitchers laying around, this is the perfect quick, but adorable decor to make. Grab an empty pitcher, collect some twigs, and cut out some paper hearts. The twigs help provide a more rustic and natural look to your home. Click here to read the full instructions!

Yarn-Wrapped Hearts

Following the same lines as the rustic nature vibe of the heart branch centerpieces, these yarn-wrapped hearts would be the perfect addition to the side of the centerpieces. Create this little craft with your loved ones and place them in a bowl on your table. And, they’re super easy and fast to make! Click here for the full instructions for this craft!


Dictionary Page Magnets

Using dictionary printables, you can make some simple, yet very cute, magnets with words such as "Cupid," "kiss," and "sweetheart." Though this craft is a little bit more difficult to make, it fits in beautifully with the Valentine's Day decor, and if you want to make it into a gift, you can personalize it with your partner’s favorite words. To read the full instructions (and access free digital collage sheets), click here!


Classic Floral Decor

You can't have Valentine's Day without flowers! Spruce up your dining table with faux florals to create a perfect romantic look for your home. Even just a vase with fresh flowers is a simple way to bring in a fresh aroma. You can also spin this to include pressed flowers, a beautiful way to commemorate each year of Valentine’s Day. Read the full tutorial by clicking here!


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