Why Self-Care At Home Matters Even More Now, Plus 5 Ways to Help Yourself AND Give Back During the Coronavirus Quarantine

For myself and millions others, the past couple weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions. Things were changing so rapidly and I was in a panic just like everyone else. However, now that I have somewhat settled into a new routine, I've found that one thing remains clear: taking care of myself is just as important as taking care of my family in these unprecedented times. I like to use the oxygen mask example; remember all those in-flight instructional videos? (I know... seems like eons ago that we were traveling via plane...) They always depict a parent putting their own oxygen mask on before putting their child's on. There's a lot to learn from this real-life example. If we don't help ourselves first, then how will we be able to assist everyone else? 

Our well-being and mental health matters more now than ever before. By staying home and staying SANE at home, we are giving our healthcare workers a fighting chance to #flattenthecurve. Not to worry though -- I've made a list of 5 ways to treat yourself to some self-care while ALSO giving back!


1. Spread some light and love with Scrumptious Wicks Candles. Light best-selling Lavender & Sandalwood to bring on those calming, soothing vibes, or maybe even Nag Champa while you flow through some vinyasa yoga. There's a scent for every one of your needs. And now, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to No Kid Hungry. Due to the coronavirus quarantine measures, millions of children have been affected by the school closures. No Kid Hungry is helping schools and community groups feed children who depend on their schools for their meals.

2. Order a hearty meal. Use eat.bikky.com to support local restaurants in your area. Using this system will prevent your favorite restaurants from having to give a substantial cut to third party apps like GrubHub and DoorDash. With eat.bikky.com, your money goes directly to the restaurant so they can keep their doors open during these challenging times. 

3. Enjoy a comforting cup of chai from The Chai Box. You can either brew your own chai with their house-made blends or order a bottle of chai concentrate. Simply pour, add your milk and sweetener of choice, and enjoy! The Chai Box is donating a portion of proceeds to The Giving Kitchen, which provides emergency assistance to food service workers in Atlanta through financial support and a network of community resources.  

4. #LoungeLikeAGoddess with PajamaSutra. This loungewear brand sources their hand-made material from artisans in South Asia. The 100% cotton-voile fabric is soft to the touch and so comfortable! I personally love their lounge pants and "Mari" romper! And now, PajamaSutra is putting their fabrics to use in an even more meaningful way: owner, Sarena Udani, and her children are making masks to donate to our healthcare workers! While they may not be a substitute for N95 masks, they are useful while there is a current shortage of PPE in the US. The masks are two layers thick and contain a pocket for a filter. 

5. Indulge in a beauty ritual with Aavrani. Aavrani harnesses India's ancient beauty rituals and modernizes it by using clean, all-natural ingredients. Their products can be used separately or as a 4 step ritual to leave you glowing and radiant. Just a week or so ago, Aavarani donated a number of their Ritual Discovery Sets to medical teams at a few hospitals in the NYC area. Many of our healthcare workers are isolating themselves from their families as a precautionary measure throughout the COVID-19 crisis, and I love that Aavrani stepped up to provide them that extra bit of comfort they need.


These certainly are unprecedented times, but social distancing doesn't mean that we still can't continue love and support each other. We will get through this together, like we always do. Stay safe, my friends.


Always sending you light and love,


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