Behind the Fragrances: Mango Lassi and Indian Monsoon, Scented Soy Candles Inspired by South Asia

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A few months back, I was trying to figure out how to capture the essence of summer in a candle. And what I often do is draw inspiration from my own childhood memories. 

I was born and raised in the US, but as a kid, my mom would make it a point to take me to Mumbai, India every 2 years. I would wrap up the school year in June, and a day or two later, I would be spending the entire summer with my cousins in India. And we would have a BLAST all summer long.

I fondly think back to those memories of us as kids. I remember I would always be waiting for the rain to pass -- which was often because it was monsoon season there during the summer. But then minutes later, the sky would clear and we would finally be able to run around on the wet playgrounds. That perfect dewy scent of fresh rainfall on summer-parched earth is ingrained in my mind. And its what ultimately inspired my newest candle scent, Indian Monsoon. 

But of course, no summer would be complete without all the yummy fresh fruits South Asia has to offer. Mango season would be slowly on its way out when I would arrive for summer break, but that didn't stop me from indulging in my favorite fruit! Mango Lassi was, and still is, my favorite drink to order at a South Asian restaurant. Sweet ripe mangoes mixed with tart and tangy yogurt - what's not to love?! That delicious combo can be relived over and over again with the new Mango Lassi scented candle. I dare you: light this candle and try not to drool. It's difficult, I swear. 

Between these two new candle scents, I hope that I've helped bring back some childhood memories to you too. As always, stay tuned, because I've constantly got something new up my sleeve...


Sending you light and love,



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  • BHawna on

    How beautiful!! Brings back memories of the land we left behind to start a new life .

  • Deepa Malani on

    Love it!!

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